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Knot & Shot Contest
Get "Tied Up" at Schooner Wharf Bar Every Day During Race Week!!!
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Key West wouldn't be Key West without sailors and Schooner Wharf Bar, and sailors wouldn't be sailors without rum and ropes.

Watch what happens when all four of them combine on the docks at Schooner Wharf Bar, your After Race Headquarters, every night at 8:00 p.m. during the yacht races.

Nightly from Jan 18-22, sailors and any interested challengers will frustrate themselves and entertain the crowd as they race to tie a bowline and lasso a piling. But add a shot of Mt. Gay Rum and a Kalik Beer to the contest and a goodtime is inevitable.

Entrants stand in front of an ice luge and swallow an icy shot of Mt. Gay that is poured from the top. They then have to tie a bowline and use it to lasso a piling that is on wheels, several feet away. The sailor then pulls the piling to him or her and picks up a cold Kalik beer, that is sitting on the base of the piling.

They then drink the beer and turn the supposedly empty bottle upside down on their head.

During a week of heated race competition, Knot&Shot is a fun and good natured race against the clock and other sailors.

Prizes will be given for the best times, and winners can receive polarized sunglasses from Harken yacht equipment, great gifts from West Marine, Piper-Heidsieck, champagne, Kalik beer and plenty of Mount Gay Rum.

In 2004 the locals took first place, Captain Dave of the Schooner Western Union had the fastest time of 7.3 seconds. When asked if he had any advice to dispense, his reply was “Practice, Practice, Practice.” He is also looking forward to competing against all the challengers from yachting race week to retain his title!

Spectators can enjoy the chance to share stories and drinks with the yacht racers, who have come from all over the country for race week. Don't miss the chance to stroll along the docks and get an up-close peek at one of the racing fleets, which will be docked at the Schooner Wharf fall week.

Knot & Shot Contest Results

Local Captain’s Clinch Schooner Wharf Bar’s 2010 Knot & Shot Contest

The popular 2010 Schooner Wharf Bar Knot and Shot Contest was held each night after the races, at Schooner Wharf Bar.

Racers and sailors from all over the world competed in Schooner Wharf Bar’s annual Knot & Shot competition, but local captain Chris Shaw of the Windward Way, emerged as the overall winner with the best time of 7:82 seconds.

2010 also saw other local captains and crew entered into the Knot & Shot “Single Digit Club”. 2nd Place winner Katie Walker clocked in at 8:72. Matt Newton, logged in at 9.09, earning him third place.

Sea dogs young and old, male and female, were required to drink a shot, tie a bowline knot, lasso a pilon, and drink a beer as quickly as possible in what has become one of Race Week’s most heated and hilarious nautical demonstrations. Seamanship skills were put to the test for all the sailors who came to get “tied up” at Schooner Wharf during yachting race week

In addition to all the fun, participants received great prizes from Harken, West Marine and Piper-Heidsieck, and enjoyed Mt. Gay Rum and Sapporo beer. The Knot & Shot competition is much-anticipated and happens every year during race week in January.


Monday, January 19th:
1st— Chris Shaw {00:09:28}
Winward Way
2nd— Brian Plate {00:10:19}
Danger Charters
3rd— Katie Walker {00:10:37}
Schooner Manatu

1st— Chris Shaw {00:08:94}
Windward Way
2nd— Katie Walker {00:09:40}
3rd—Matt Newton {00:12:12}
Schooner Appledore

1st— Chris Shaw {00:08:13}
2nd— Katie Walker {00:08:72}
3rd— Matt Newton {00:09:09}

1st—Chris Shaw {00:08:06}
2nd—Tim Heacox {00:09:44}
3rd--Matt Newton {00:09:56}

1st— Chris Shaw {00:07.87}
2nd Tim Heacox {00:09:81}
3rd—Matt Newton{00:12:29}

2010 Overall Winner:
Chris Shaw {00:07:82}
Windward Way

2nd Place
Katie Walker {00:08:72}
Schooner Manatu

Matt Newton (3rd), Katie Walker (2nd) and Chris Shaw (1st) 2010 Knot and Shot Champions Cory Crowner joins the fierce competition in the SWB Knot & Shot Contest
A great time was had by Knot & Shot crew as well as participants in the 2010 Schooner Wharf Bar Knot & Shot Competition.

Damon "Noodles", Chris Shaw, Tim Heacox, Frank Everhart, Katie Walker, Frank Sturgis and Evalena Worthington
Local Racing Team, Blah Blah Blah placed 2nd in their class this year
Front Row
Peter Goldsmith, Mark Milnes with visiting friend
Back Row
Tarantino aka " Princess", Alex Combs and Jesse Combs
Brian Plate of Danger Charters tying his bowline in the Schooner Wharf Bar Knot & Shot Competition Damon Noodles, Chris Shaw, Tim Heacox, Frank Everhart, Katie Walker, Frank Sturgis and Evalena Worthington
Second Place Winner - Katie Walker competing in the Schooner Wharf Bar Knot & Shot Contest 2010 Schooner Wharf Bar Knot & Shot Crew, Some of the Participants and Spectators
All Photo Credit goes to Melissa Pearson, Southernmost Photography for Knot & Shot Photos



2010 Flyer
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2010 Flyer
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