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A Glittering Day

The Dock Party for Mel Fisher Days, a tribute to Mel and Deo’s continual quest to fulfill their dream, was held at Schooner Wharf last Thursday. The festivities marked the 30 th anniversary of the day that Mel’s Golden Crew found $400+ million in shipwrecked gold, silver and emeralds that had been sitting on the ocean floor for more than 300 years.

The treasure hunting vessel J.B. Magruder was dockside to be inducted into the Conch Republic Navy and to offer tours. Other events included Pat Clyne’s book signing, the 50/50 raffle, and a chance to win an Atocha $1,400 coin buried in a cupcake, plus the Magruder’s captain, Andy Matrocci, and divers were inducted in the Conch Republic Navy. Mark Tipple won the coin, and Eric Clark was the lucky winner of the 50/50.

Fisher family members Taffi and Kim were on hand to visit with friends and newcomers alike. Party proceeds will be donated to Wesley House Family Services, and it was a glittering day for all!

Taffi Fisher-Abt, Captain Frank Holden, & Captain Bill Grosscup. Musicians Marty Stonely & Tom Taylor.
Capt. Frank Holden (Fleet Admiral) and Capt. Bill Grosscup (Vice Admiral Fleet Commander) induct J.B. Magruder's crew into the Conch Republic Navy. (l-r: Taffi Fisher-Abt, Kim Fisher, Capt. Frank Holden, Stephen Parker, cory Rix, Capt. Andy Matroci, Bill Reighard, Jason Smause, Timothy Meade, Capt. Bill Grosscup). J.B. Magruder, Mel's golden treasure hunting vessel, is inducted into the Conch Republic Navy. (l-r: Captain Frank-Fleet Admiral, Captain Bill-Fleet Commander, Captain Andy Matroci, and Kim Fisher).
50/50 Raffle winner Eric Clark is congratulated. (Magic Frank Everhart, winner Eric Clark, Shawn Cowles, Sharon Drager, Jeremy Wilkerson). Congratulations to Mark Tipple, who won a $1,400 Atocha coin in the cupcake contest. (l-r: Marty Stonely, Wesley House's Jeremy Wilkerson, Sharon Drager, Magic Frank Everhart, Mark Tipple's Happy Wife, winner Mark Tipple).
Pat Clyne signs his book, "Atocha: An Odyssey"

Today’s the Day – To Celebrate Mel!!! Thursday, July 9th
Trade treasure tales and priceless memories of Key West’s King

Spend a golden day at Schooner Wharf Bar, where Spanish galleons, treasure hunting ships, golden discoveries and priceless memories of the man who made it all happen – Mel Fisher – are on tap for this year’s Dock Party to kick off Mel Fisher Days.

The celebration of Key West’s golden dream weaver begins at 11 a.m. Thursday, July 9th at Schooner Wharf Bar, where Mel Fisher “made his mark,” when his handprints were cast in a special mold and a section of the bar top is dedicated to his achievements.

Although it took Mel years to find the $400 million mother lode of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, it never took him long to find his friends at Schooner Wharf, where he could share his stories while keeping a sharp eye on the water that held the riches he was seeking.

This year’s Dock Party will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Atocha’s Mother Lode Discovery and the “good ole’ days” by welcoming the JB Magruder treasure salvage vessel back to the docks behind Schooner Wharf. For the second time since the 1980s, the 100-foot working vessel will be on display downtown, showing off the latest treasure-finding technology that scours the ocean floor for centuries-old coins, gold bars, gold chains, emeralds and silver ingots.

Meet the Atocha divers and Magruder crew as they return from treasure diving and hear tales of high-seas and high-stakes adventures from Mel’s Golden Crew and members of the Fisher family.

The Dock Party will include a limited number of tours of the treasure hunting boat are available between 12 noon and 2pm. Advance registration discount tickets are available now at www.MelFisherDays.com Attendees will have a chances to win cash and treasure with the 50/50 raffle and you can take a chance to win a Grade 3 Atocha coin valued at $1,400 with the popular “Have your Cake and Eat it Too” raffle.

Today’s the Day…to celebrate Mel Fisher and his golden crew! Mel always said that “This place is a treasure,” so….come discover one of our island’s favorite watering holes for yourself!

See you at the Schooner Wharf Bar for the Dock Party at 11 a.m. Thursday July 9 to kick off Mel Fisher Days 2015 as the JB Magruder arrives from treasure hunting and docks behind the bar!


The Magruder docked at Schooner Wharf Evalena with some of the Atocha Golden Crew!

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